The field of Aerospace could not have progressed so far if not for the numerous research papers and design concepts for what the future holds. From sending people to space, to placing satellites in Orbit, to one day making space settlements on Mars maybe. Cosmoverse 2022 is the essence of this practice. Participants will be given detailed RFPs (Request-For-Proposal) for technology designs in 2 categories-

a) Settle-me-this: Herein, the job of the participants will be to propose the design of a space settlement for the near future. This is open to grades 6th-8th (In Junior Category) and grades 9th to 12th (In Senior Category).

The junior category will deal with the fundamental understanding and design of space settlements. The seniors’ RFP will also contain in-depth-research requirements to help them gain a deeper understanding of certain parts of space settlement design.

b) Astreck: Their task will be to indulge in the design of a satellite. This is open for grades 9th-12th. There will be a common competing pool, and no separate grade-specific categories will be formed.

Since Astreck is only open to seniors (9th-12th), all teams will be expected to deep dive into the realm of satellite design. All points will require thorough research.

Overall Details

  • Cosmoverse will take place entirely online through Zoom

  • Settle-me-this: The teams can be composed of 1 to 5 members. Regardless we will have no separate categories for teams with lesser number of members

  • Astreck: The teams can be composed of 1 to 4 members. Regardless we will have no separate categories for teams with lesser number of members

  • Teams per school: Unrestricted

  • Eligibility:

Settle-me-this: Grades 6-12.

Grades 6-8 – Juniors Category

Grades 9-12 – Seniors Category

Astreck: Grades 9-12 – Core Category

There will be 2 rounds. In the first round, the teams will work on the theoretical design of space settlement/satellite as asked in their RFPs. For those who proceed to the 2nd round, you will get some extra time to improve your proposals if you deem it necessary. Post that, we will be having a presentation round. Details for the 2nd round will be given to those who qualify.

Doubt-clearing sessions will be held. As a result, doubts about your submission will be asked during these sessions

If you are passionate about the tech aspect of what goes on in space; or dream about where space exploration can take us; or just interested in technology in general; this event has been tailor-made for you. We await your arrival.


16th Nov:

Settle-Me-This: Release of RFP*

Astreck: Release of RFP*

22nd Nov:

Settle-Me-This: Submission Deadline

Astreck: Submission Deadline

25th Nov:

Settle-Me-This: Round 2 Qualifiers announced, Further instructions provided

Astreck: Round 2 Qualifiers announced, Further instructions provided

27th Nov:
Settle-Me-This: Round 2 Presentation (Finals), Results to be declared in the closing ceremony.

Astreck: Round 2 Presentation (Finals), Results to be declared in the closing ceremony.

*RFP has been released!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q) If I'm not in a team, can I still participate in this event ?

A) Yes, you can participate even if you’re not in a team. Yet you will not be put into a separate category from the teams with more members. You would be expected to compete with them.

Q) Can I take part in the event if I don’t have prerequisite knowledge in the field?

A) Yes, this event is all about research and learning. Prior knowledge is not required. Therefore, you can participate in this event despite having limited (or no) knowledge of the field.

Q) What is the theme of the competition? What should I design?

A) A detailed RFP(Request-for-Proposal) will be given to you at the start of the event. It will have all the details regarding the theme and what is to be designed. We will only entertain submissions which adhere to the contents of this Request for Proposal (RFP).

Q) How do I submit?

A) The proposals should be sent to the provided email address ie. on the dates prescribed in the timeline.

Q) How will the event be carried out? How long is the process?

A) Cosmoverse will take place entirely online. You can look at the timeline for a detailed breakdown of the chronology of events.

Q) What if I still have doubts regarding my proposal or the research I’ve done?

A) If you have any doubts regarding Cosmoverse, you are free to email us at .Every day at a given time, doubt clearing sessions will be held. As a result, doubts about your submission can be asked in these sessions.

Some important points to be noted

Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. We expect you to research in depth, innovate and present a proposal of optimum quality to us.

We ask you to take your time to carefully read and assess the contents of the RFPs which will be provided. Research, Innovate and create the best proposal you can.

You shall submit your proposal in a .pdf format renaming your proposal to

[<(name of the team)_(School name)_Cosmoverse 2022>]. Additional submission requirements will vary as per the category.

In order to submit your proposal, you shall mail us your proposal on-

We wish you the best of luck!