Aeross, The Aerospace Society of DPS RK Puram, is thrilled to introduce CelesteCon 2022 - a national-level inter-school competition centered around aviation and space science. The event includes a variety of competitions and events aimed at promoting aerospace and aviation. Each of the 11 sub-events has been specifically designed to help participants channel their ingenuity.

Join us as we host workshops with experts in the industry. Test out your wits at Quizzitch and Crossword. Design digital applications. Work on a Business plan. Maybe design an aircraft? How about space settlements? 3D modelling? We have it all.

If you love challenging yourself and are looking for events to showcase your skills, we have got you covered! There is a lot to unpack in this year’s iteration of CelesteCon.


Four workshops in Collaboration with various industry experts and STEM organizations with a special emphasis on girls will be placed to boost participation and representation in STEM.


Participants will innovate and create the most competent, viable, and creative permanent space settlement/satellite according to the parameters that we supply.


Participants will be required to combine their skills of 3D modeling with their research knowledge for this prompt-based event to present a solution that is both technologically proficient, and visually stunning.


The crossword event is an interesting fun event that will allow participants to brainstorm their way through a set of clues putting their prior knowledge about aerospace and aviation terminology to the test.


Volatus offers a one-of-a-kind national-level Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Design Challenge (UADC) to high-schoolers across India.


Quizzitch, the quiz event challenges its participants with intriguing questions related to aerospace, aviation and other allied STEM fields.


Multiple rounds of Debates will be held in which the participants will debate and present opposing views on varied topics in the field of Aerospace and Aviation.


The contestants will be provided with an existing problem in the aerospace/aviation industry and will be required to design a product or service to resolve the issue, along with the go-to-market strategy and business plan for the same.


An application-design competition which makes the participants combine aerospace technology and computer science ideas to create products that not only demonstrate the best use of research, but also create solutions to real-world problems.


Specifically organised for the students of DPS R.K. Puram, this year's Cosmovate theme focuses on developing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to solve issues involving the marine habitat.


With the element of mystery added by withholding information till the last moment, this event is perfect for generating enthusiasm and excitement. Could be anything, you never know what to expect. Schrodinger’s Cat.