Business Power Pitch

Business Power Pitch requires you to integrate technical and entrepreneurial skills to develop a unique solution and present a pitch deck. The contestants will be required to detail a service or product on one of the tracks of their choice, along with a go-to-market strategy and business plan.


  • Teams of up to 4 members are allowed to participate.

  • Contestants will be required to submit their business plan in the form of a google doc, based on the track they will have chosen.

  • Qualified contestants will be required to pitch to a panel of judges for ‘funding’ in the final round through a PowerPoint or google slides presentation.


16th Nov: Round 1 Prompt release*

20th Nov: Submission deadline

22nd Nov: Results of Round 1

26th Nov: Pitching round

Eligibility to participate in the event: Grades 9-12

Number of participants per team for each school: Upto 4 max

Number of teams from each school permitted: Unrestricted

*Prompt has been released:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Who can participate?

A) Business Power Pitch is open to students from Grades IX-XII.

Q) What is the number of participants permitted for each team?

A) Up to 4 members are permitted for each team.

Q) When is it?

A) Business Power Pitch will start on the 16th of November and end on the 26th of November.

Q) How long is the event?

A) Business Power Pitch is a 10-day event.

Q) What is the mode of the event?

A) Both rounds for Business Power Pitch will entirely be conducted online.

Q) What are the prerequisites to participate?

A) Contestants should have a basic understanding of profit and loss and how a business is run.

Q) When are the results expected?

A) The final results for Business Power Pitch will be announced in the closing ceremony.

Q) Are we allowed to combine 2 or more tracks?

A) Teams are required to choose 1 track for their submission only, as combing tracks will lead to confusion.