Cosmovate, an important part of CelesteCon'22, has specifically been organised for the students of DPS R.K. Puram. It offers an exciting and challenging opportunity for budding innovators to find novel ways of solving the given problem. This year's theme focuses on developing an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) to solve issues involving the marine habitat. Participants must ideate and pitch their solution to prove their mettle and come out on top.


16th Nov: Prompt release*

20th Nov: Round 1 Submission Deadline

24th Nov: Pitching Round

Eligibility to participate in the event: Grades 6-12 (only for students of D.P.S R.K. Puram)

Number of participants per team for each school: 1-4

*Prompt has been released:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What will be the submission format?

A) Participants will have to document their ideas and submit it on the first deadline, and upon qualifying to the pitching round, will have to pitch their idea using a presentation before a panel of judges.

All submissions should be mailed to an email address that will be provided to the participants.

Q) What degree of detail is expected from participants?

A) Participants are free to detail their submissions however much they want - provided it satisfies their solution's needs.

Q) Are 3D Models or 2D illustrations required?

A) Illustrations and models are welcome wherever necessary, in fact they are also recommended in order to justify the choices in your proposal.

Q) How will the submissions/pitches be judged?

A) The submissions and pitches will be judged by a select panel of judges who will rate participants on the basis of the degree of innovation, the practicality of the solution, and the impact that potential implementation may have.

Q) Where can we ask additional queries?

A) A WhatsApp group for the juniors and a Discord server for the seniors have been set up for the same purposes. Participants are requested to join the respective platforms in order to clarify their doubts regarding Cosmovate.