About Our Sponsors

Main Sponsor: Boots & Crampons

Boots & Crampons is a young yet well-respected treks & expeditions company. With a legacy of leading climbing expeditions to the world’s highest peaks, and treks to the more remote corners of the globe, Boots and Crampons ensures world-class mountaineering services while ensuring your safety, combining stunning wilderness of the mountains with the highest level of service and comfort.

Main Sponsor: University of Arizona

"As Arizona’s land-grant university, we are driven to do great things. It’s our passion to transform the lives of our student Wildcats and to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our state and the world. But what makes us unique is how we do it. We live our purpose, mission and values every day."

Partner Sponsor: Taskade

Taskade is the ultimate task list app for teams. Unleash your productivity with modern task lists, notes, and mind maps, in one unified workspace.

Partner Sponsor: Interview Cake

Interview Cake is a study tool that preps software engineering candidates for programming interviews. Interview Cake is focused on being the fastest, easiest way to become the kind of candidate companies fight over.

Partner Sponsor: gen.xyz

.xyz gives you the freedom of choice and the spark to innovate. Go you creators, you rebels, you coders and developers, you creatives, you inventors and innovators. Go #GenXYZ! .xyz is the go-to domain extension for the next generation of internet users.

Partner Sponsor: Wolfram

The Wolfram Language is a general programming language developed by Wolfram Research which emphasizes symbolic computation, functional programming, and rule-based programming and can employ arbitrary structures and data.