Dimension III

Dimension lll, the 3d modeling event of Celestecon is back with exciting challenges for every interested aviation and aerospace geek. This year, participants will be asked to create and visualize efficient aviation systems, spacecrafts and many more. The challenge will revolve around integrating the skill of creating visual representations of your projects, while also focusing on coming up with solutions for many real world engineering and research problems. Be it a 3D artist or a blender-beginner, each will be required to combine their skills of 3D modeling with their research knowledge for this prompt-based event to present a solution that is both technologically proficient, and visually stunning.

Inviting students from across 6th-12th, with the aim of finding the best of the best, in both the creative and technical world, we invite participants to join us to ponder upon the practicality of aviation and aerospace marvels, providing detailed 3D Diagrams henceforth!


16th Nov: Prompt Release (Both Seniors and Juniors)

21st Nov: Prelims Submission Deadline (10PM)

23rd Nov: Prelims Results Declared, Final Round begins

25th Nov: Final Round Submission Deadline

Eligibility to participate in the event: Grades 6-12

Number of participants per team from each school: Upto 3 max

Number of teams from each school permitted: Unrestricted

*Prompt has been released: https://celestecon.aeross.org/dimension-iii-round-1

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What skill level is required to participate in the event?

Ans 1. Dimension-III welcomes participants from all skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced.

Q2. What softwares are advisable to be used for the event?

Ans 2. Participants can use any 3D designing software of their choice: Blender, Fusion 360, Solidworks, FreeCAD, CATIA, Onshape, Maya, Creo, etc.

Q3. What will the prompts be based on?

Ans 3. The prompts will be based on topics related to Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, more will be revealed later on.

Q4. What are the judging criteria?

Ans 4. Although the exact judging criteria will not be revealed, the submission will however be judged mainly on the basis of the design proficiency and technical backup.

Q5. Whom can we contact for further queries regarding the event?

Ans 5. Feel free to drop your queries at CelescteCon 2022 discord server in the Dimension-III channel. The event charges will answer your queries as soon as possible.