In Pursuit Of Dispute

  • The debate is indeed one of the most vital aspects of students fascinated with aerospace all over the country voicing their opinions on diverse topics in the field of aerospace. From aviation to the future of aerospace, a variety of topics have been culled in order to make this an indelible experience for the coming youth of this industry.

  • Multiple rounds will be held in which the participants will debate and present opposing views on varied topics. In doing so, they will not only enrich their own understanding on the issues being discussed but also hone their skills in framing coherent arguments.

  • The debate event will be organised (virtually) for all ages from class 6th to 12th. The In Pursuit of Dispute Event will take place over 11 days with separate rounds for junior classes ( 6th-8th) and seniors classes ( 9th-12th).

  • The contestants are required to participate in teams (2 people per team).

  • There will be 3 rounds (each for juniors and senior classes)

- Preliminary Round

- Semi-Final Round

- Final Round


17th Nov (CHANGED): Prelim topics are released (Junior and Seniors); orientation session.

18th Nov: Video Submission Deadline (Juniors and Seniors)

19th Nov: Results are released along with topics for semi-finals (Juniors)

20th Nov: Results are released along with topics for semi-finals (Seniors)

21st Nov: Junior semi-finals (online)

22nd Nov: Senior semi-finals; Junior Semi-finals results; Topic released for juniors finals.

23rd Nov: Senior Semi-finals results; Topic released for Senior finals

24th Nov: Final round (Juniors)

25th Nov: Final round (Seniors)

27th Nov: Closing ceremony

Eligibility to participate in the event:

  • Grades 6-8 (Junior Category)

  • Grades 9-12 (Senior Category)

Number of participants per team from each school: 2

Number of teams from each school permitted: Unrestricted

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Do I need to have a lot of technical knowledge/ should I already be aware of all the topics?

A) No! (especially for junior classes), when we assign a topic we give ample time for you to do research and prepare yourself for it. We highly encourage participants to take part even without a lot of pre existing and technical knowledge, the debate event is a great means to learn more about the aerospace field and to get started! Use it as a learning experience.

Q) I would like to participate but I am not able to find a partner… Can I still take part in the competition?

Yes, in the rare case that you are not able to find a partner to join your team, we do allow participants on their own. However you will still be competing with the same category and other teams.

Q)How will the event be conducted? Where will we get information for the same?

This is a completely online event, so no matter where you are you can take part in the In pursuit of Dispute Event.

On registering,

For juniors: A whatsapp group will be created with parents phone numbers

For seniors: An invite to a discord server will be sent (incase you have any issues with joining or are unfamiliar with the software the Celestecon team will be their for help)

Alas, without critique and debate, a field fails to evolve and reach full potential. So, if you're someone who enjoys debating or is passionate about the differences relating to the Aerospace field, this is a competition for you.