Celesymposium 2.0

Celesyposium 2.0 has returned with the continuing aim elaborate upon the rarely touched topics of the aviation and aerospace industries, to allow high school students to further advance their interests and passions in the stem industries. Workshops will be conducted on a variety of topics, by industry professionals eager to share their line of work with interested students.

If you feel intimidated by topics like Rocketry or Orbital Mechanics, fear not! There is no need to be intimated as no prerequisite knowledge is required. Curiosity and the want to learn more will suffice.


18th Nov: Workshop 1 by Animesh Garg
Topic: The James Webb Telescope
Time: 6PM onwards
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Meeting Notes: Click here

19th Nov: Workshop 2 by Spartificial

Topic: AI in Space Technology
11 AM onwards

19th Nov: Workshop 3 by Satya Chakravarthy

Topic: Electric Aircrafts
Time: 3PM onwards

Youtube: Click here

is event has concluded.

Eligibility to participate in the event: Grades 6-12

(However, specific workshops for specific age groups will be recommended)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How and When will the workshops be conducted?

Ans. The workshops will be organized in a completely online medium on Google meet. The due dates for the same will be informed on the official CelesteCon 2022 discord server.

Q2. What experience will I gain from these workshops? Will attending any of these workshops aid me in any event of Celestecon 2022?

Ans.This event aims to create a fun educational experience for all its participants. It will comprise four fun and interactive workshops followed by doubt-clearing sessions and engaging discussions. Yes, attending these workshops will surely help you gain in-depth knowledge of aviation and aerospace systems among other skills, which are bound to help you immensely in the future as well.

Q3. Will a professional be conducting these workshops?

Ans. Yes, Aeross is collaborating with many industry experts to bring up this event. These workshops will also be mentored by some of the highly experienced Aeross alumni who are currently pursuing their education at some of the top engineering institutes of the world.

Q4. Will we have any assignments to submit after each workshop?

Ans. A short progress update will be submitted by each participant after each workshop. These will be based on topics taught in the workshop and the material provided.

Q5. Do we need to have any pre-requisite knowledge to make out the best of this program?

Ans. Don’t worry we have got you covered. All of the learning resources available and valuable insights from the STEM experts will help you to excel in this field. The workshops will be taught from the relative basics, so prerequisite knowledge is not needed.

Q6. Is attending all the workshops compulsory?

Ans. Though we would recommend you attend all the workshops as scheduled so that you can ask your doubts in the meeting itself. We also believe that paying attention to other participants’ doubts will help you a lot ! If you are unable to attend any of the workshops, then in such a scenario the team will provide the concerned participants with the recording of the workshop.

Q7. Whom can I contact for further queries?

Ans. You can post your doubts on our CelesteCon 2022 discord server, the Celesymposium 2.0 organizers will get back to you at the earliest.