A race against time with a dash of humour – the crossword event is an interesting fun event that will allow participants to brainstorm their way through a set of clues putting their prior knowledge about aerospace and aviation terminology to the test. It will also require participants to think creatively and use quick wit to solve the clues – and they are sure to think beyond their limits.


18th Nov: Prelims

19th Nov: Prelims Results

22nd Nov: Finals

Eligibility to participate in the event: Grades 6-8

Number of participants per team for each school: 1 (Individual Registration)

Number of participants from each school permitted: Unrestricted

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I submit my answers for Crossword ?

A Google form containing the CW clues and blank spaces for answers to be written would be shared with all the participants on the Crossword Google Classroom.

  1. From which topics would the Crossword clues be asked ?

The Crossword clues have been divided into four categories - Aerospace, Aviation, Space Facts and Science Fiction Movies.

How many rounds would Crossword competition have ?

CelesteCon Crossword would have two rounds. ‘Preliminary round’ which is open to all Class 6th, 7th and 8th students and the ‘Final round’ for participants who qualify in the first round.

  1. How would a participant know if they have qualified for the finals ?

A list consisting of the names and other details (if necessary) of all the qualifiers would be released on 18th November on the Google Classroom.

What kind of questions would be asked in Crossword ?

No factual questions to test one’s prerequisite knowledge would be asked. All crossword clues are pun-based. So, sit back, relax and use your witty humour to crack them all.

  1. Would any hints be given alongside the Crossword clues ?

The number of letters the answer is composed of would be specified. For instance, if the answer is ‘ROCKET FUEL’, the number combination (6-4) would be given.

  1. Will numbers be a part of a CW clue answer ?

If the answer includes a number, every participant is supposed to spell the number instead of writing the digits. Eg: Answer ‘EDEN 3’ should be written as ‘EDEN THREE’. The specified number for the answer would be (4-5).

  1. Who should I contact if I have queries ?

For Crossword, all queries are to be sent to the email id stated below -

A WhatsApp group for the same will also be created.

The concerned authorities would reach out to you as soon as possible.